Monday, December 28, 2009

Seattle is Facing East (東來食府)

There were times I almost gave up on real authetic Chinese food in Seattle. There are plenty of  choices, many do a decent job to feed the hungry, but none with quite the love and imagination, leaving you more likely to think to yourself, I probably won't be back here for a while, then "I want to come back to try something else tomorrow!"

That makes the discovery of Facing East such a pleasant surprise. Located near Bellevue Square, it's great for shoppers and movie goers. The place is really just a small eatery. You see a group of 8 adults squeeze around a traditional style square table with 4 bench seats (one on each side), that's really tight. But those appear to be 8 very happy adults, as all the seats are taken within 10 minutes of opening. The waiting time can be long.

We ordered the famous pork hamburger. One bite, just one bite, it just totally blew my mind away. The steamed white bun is soft and warm, the meat so juicy and tender, it's the marble cut with the just right amount of trimming, not too lean not too fat. Despite of the name, it's more like the equivalent of a steak sandwich, only you will be savoring the sweetness of tender pork. Considering it cost less than $4, it could well be called "hamburger on heaven".

Grilled milk fish is quite well done, a little crisp outside, tender inside. Fried oyster is simple and fresh, I would prefer the batter to be a little more flavorful. Handmade fish ball soup is delicious, there is juicy filling inside.

The next day, we also tried the weekend only rice vermicelli. It came up a side dish a little on the exotic side. The beef noodle is a light version with a clear broth. It is good but not quite the same perfection as the one in Wang’s. Black pepper beef rib is very tasty. Overall, all the dishes in Facing East are prepared with consistent quality and care, with some more exceptional than others. Reasonably priced, a solid 4/5, even compared to Vancouver standards.

Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant 東來食府
1075 Bellevue Way Northeast
Bellevue, WA 98004
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