Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oregon Coast Gem

Oregon coast is beautiful, and temperamental. On one hot summer day, the temperature dropped some 20 degrees in less than an hour of driving towards the coast. Upon arriving, another surprise awaits. Under the glaring sun, a thick marine fog stares right back at us. The view offered by limited visibility was quite mythical.

The town of Newport has a historic Bayfront which is a working fishing port and home to a variety of shops and restaurants. It was fun to watch fishing boats unloading their catch, and leisure crabbers at the dock. We even saw a crab being pulled up!

Still waiting for the fog to lift, decided to grab a bite at Noodle Cafe. It may not be the obvious choice in a coastal town with half a dozen chowder and seafood places within a block of each other, but it was a wonderful delight.

The steamed oyster were so fresh, with a sweet taste. The hand-made Jung Bong noodle came in a delicious seafood broth, it is a little spicy but not too overwhelming. The shrimps and scallops were among the best I have tasted. It was a quaint little place, the kind of place that makes you feel immediately comfortable with everybody around. The owners apparently decided to move their restaurant business here, while vacationing in Newport a few years ago. Their brought their culinary talent to Newport, to the delight of visitors.

As it turned out, the fog never lifted that day. But the surprise find at Noodle Cafe made the trip and wait worthwhile.

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